Friday, December 19, 2008

Stolen Legacy* Egyptian Mystery System* (secret science)

Secret Science: Numeral symbols geographic symbols, myths, parables book of the dead*

There are 9 major planets,
(2) The Sun is the parent of the others planets- this is later being supported by --Nebular Hypothesis.
Let's remember, also that the worship of planet begain in Egypt. Temples were the first observations of history. In addition, to prove the existence of God or the first cause by reference; Actually, Aristotle simply followed the tradition custom of the one who use the principle of "Opposites" in order to explain the functions of nature.
-Plato, used it, through the theory of "Ideas", to explain the real and unreal in the phenomena of nature. - Socrates used it in order to estab lish the fact of immortality by showing that the death of one form of life, existing things.... The beginning of another form of life of these things, In other words Life is perpetual, it only changes it form in its cause of process. -Democritus applied the principle, of Opposites in his interpretation, of a particular phase of reality. We can not therefore, consider Aristotle's review of the doctrines. Previous Philosophers including Plato together with his exposure of their errors and inconsistencies, showed that he had become confident , not only of the fact that he was in possession of a new and correct knowledge , had not before been made available to the greeks. Also, that he could then speak with authority, right here and now.....
I must say that I am convinced that Aristotle represented a culture gap of 5,000 years or more between his innovation and the greeks level of civilization. My reason is impossible to escape the convictions that he ordained in his education and books from a nation outside of Greece, the Egyptians who were way far in advance of the culture of greek of his day.

According to the doctrine that has been ascribed to Aristotle: matter, motion of time are eternal , therefore the world is also eternal. He plainly accepted and repeats a doctrine which has also been ascribed to Democritus (400 yrs B.C.) whose dictum we all are familar with...
ex. nihillo nihil fit....(nothing more nothing left) and consequently, as a matter of the world must always have existed. The antiquity of the doctrine of eternal nature of matter, take us back to the creation story of Memphite Theology of the Egyptians. In which Chaos is represented by Primeval Ocean Nun. Out of which there arose Primeval Hill Ta-tjenen Under these, circumstances we can not give Aristotle credit for the authorship of this document. In addition, to the false document that has been attributed to Aristotle.
Aristotle contradicts himself in his physics VIII 25. When he speaks of the world as a caused a thing , cannot be eternal and infinite and at the same time finite

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