Thursday, March 5, 2009

State of the Black Union 2009- Making America as good as it's promise.

Spirit of Sankofa writes..........

I've always felt that the arena Travis Smiley has set up for Debate, is a true informative discussion platform.
Ten years strong of healthy debate for African Americns. The focus here were topics relating to the economics stimulus plan, black youth and personal responsibility. These healthy debates encourages Accountability. In which his new book is titled. Also the previous day a video was sent by President Barack Obama. It's great to finally see a president be aware of such meetings that concern the black community. And all communities as a whole. He wasn't to high minded that he could't express his thoughts. Although he wasn't present , his thoughts and concerns were.
He truly has his hand full. even before his seat became official. Through much critcism, racist and bias opinions, he has kepted his focus. And we are pulling for him.
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State of the Black Union 2009, Morning Session

Los Angeles, California

Civil rights activists, lawmakers, scholars, and policy analysts gathered to discuss their thoughts and insights on the challenges facing African-Americans. Raymond Brown moderated a question and answer session with the panelists. Topics included the economic stimulus package, perceptions of black youth, and personal accountability. The program included a video message sent the previous day from President Barack Obama. Mr. Smiley introduced his book Accountable: Making America as Good as Its Promise , published by Atria. This conclusion to the Covenant trilogy is a handbook with which the community can evaluate the successes or failures of its political leaders and of itself.

"The State of the Black Union 2009: Making America as Good as Its Promise" was the 10th anniversary event and held in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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