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The Educational Importance to Fundraise for Sankofa Academy

Ollie McClean has Incorporated within her school.....

Quote - C. Barron

Spirit of Sankofa*.......

Ms. Ollie McClean is the founder of Sankofa Preparatory School Int'l.
I have much respect for this woman of Afrocentric Culture.
She envisioned a school, that would teach, the importance of African cultural awareness, taught to "Children of African Descent".

There is a genuine need for our children to learn about self.
Her philosophy she was taught by her mother....

We are originally Ethiopians....we built the pyramids, created languages and religion, there is no way you can't do simple math.

Every school day she reinerates daily to the students of Sankofa...
You are born "Geniuses", it is born in you!


Ms. McClean also feels our Black youth today feel they have no hope. They too, also have been brainwashed through negative messages through media and music. An example of this, is a rapper who is in jail, that puts out a song called "I AM NOT HUMAN". Demonizing us to a point they don't deserve to feel, learn and to achieve.

The fear is how long before our youth would pick this negative message and really believe this?

There is also a fear in our society, that if Blacks were taught their history, that they would no longer want to be American?

We have a great need to learn and love ourselves. We can't deceive ourselves any longer ,by believing we will attain the American dream, as it's portrayed by the familiar path of today.

Schools like Sankofa desperately need our support. schools that incorporate as part of their curriculum for our children....learning of all the African countries in Africa. etc....

Sankofa needs the community to step forth and see the importance of this non funding school. There should be more like this in the Black communities. Taking the example of this great sister, who didn't have much money to fund a project like this.

She sought out retired family members who worked with the Bd. of Ed. and others to help this school. She also explains how Sankofa was started in a vacant church then later held classes in an occupied church edifice.

Jitu Weusi

Activist and educator Jitu Weusi has worked to uplift and develop the cultural and social awareness of the African American community of Central Brooklyn...

Has supported the Sankofa School as well as Charles Barron. Inez Barron educator and the wife of C. Barron, stated, that principles need a business manage, so they can focus more on the curriculum of educating.


Activists and artists fundraise for Sankofa Academy

Statistics on the state of Black education often remind us of despair. Sankofa International Academy reminds us that there is hope. Sankofa's roadmap reminds us that it is our collective responsibility, as an entire community, to ensure that no child is left behind educationally, socially or culturally. Together, we have a role in creating the kind of world we want for generations to come.

Rome Neal and friends demonstrated why it is time to shift the conversation from talking about our pain to talking about our plan. On the evening of March 14, Rome teamed up with Franz Mettelus, owner of Rustic Tavern at 471 DeKaIb Avenue in Brooklyn; John Smith; and Jitu Weusi and held a fundraiser to showcase their plan of action in addressing the primary financial concerns of Sankofa.

City Councilwoman Leticia James reminded everyone that independent education plays a very important role in the educational discourse, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the African child. She stressed that the reason for supporting Sankofa's students is so that they can continue to become geniuses in their own rights, achieving the status of scientist, astronaut or even president.

The sea of artists who brought their collective talent to support this exceptional school was comprised of jazz vocalist Patsy Grant, Lou Vega on guitar, Eric Frazer on congas, Gene Torres on bass, and Al Husband and Larry Williams on drums. They all kept the guests entertained with their riveting melodies.

The supporters were from all walks of life and included Councilman Charles Barron; the Rev. Herbert Oliver of the Montgomery Bus Boycott; Dr. James Mcintosh, CEMOTAP; attorney Colin Moore and his wife; Michael Hooper, Roots Revisited; Min.Clemson Brown, historian; Brenda Brunson-Bey, Tribal Truth Collection; and Malchijah Hats.

Ollie McClean, founder and director of Sankofa, summed up the event in her remarks by stating that the essence of education is the practice of freedom and that many politicaUy motivated educational plans have failed because the authors designed them according to their own personal views of reality, never once taking into account the children of African ancestry, to whom their program is ostensibly directed. However, Sankofa offers a course of study rich in cultural history and academics, thus addressing the "whole" child.

For more information, contact Sankofa International Academy, Post Office Box 330-505, Brooklyn, NY or call the school at (347) 365-9989.

New York Amsterdam News,
Mar 25-Mar 31, 2010


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Alistar Johnson said...

You've shared a very interesting post - thank you! I've recently discovered the great work that Tony Charalambides and the Listen Fundraising team have been doing - they aim to raise £20,000 for the Damilola Taylor trust - anything raised will be matched and donated, hopefully they raise enough to keep the trust up and running.