Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrating Black History 365--- links***

Spirit of Sankofa expresses......

This is a great site, with several links to our history.
We must by any means neccessary teach ourselves first then let it spill over to our offsprings. Our ancient knowledge are our most precious unfound treasures. Precious to us and to our children. To know what type of fabric we came from and to know why we are here today. Our people comes and occupied this vast region of land from the 4 corners of the world...a history rich and important . Let's continue researching for our lost jewels...."Imperial News" a daily event like picking up the daily news....

If we could engage a different perspective of learning a upgrade to our learning process, adjust our reading search of "ourselves" no longer relying on europeans to teach us the very people that snatched our history and our culture from our grips, then maybe we could empower ourselves and each other.

What many of blacks are not aware of is....when we seek out Afrika we find the world...all different cultures and more importantly....we find self! And Africa's original handy work!

ie. Original invention, that were incorporated within the fabric of Afrika, and the daily life. I've read somewhere that Africian's really didn't do much or created anything that benefited society. What I've discover is to the contrary. There were women doctors in Egypt, not just one but a team of women doctor's...lead by Preshet...and she was known as the overseer of women physicians. Castor Oil was used as Willow leaves and bark) which contained acetylsalicylic acid) the active ingredient for aspirin. In order to speed healing

Peace and Hotep!!!

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