Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is African America really a Nationality? Are you a tree without roots?

If so do we have a African American flag?
If we as Africans, don't know who they are , can we claim a nation?
Can you see the significance in Knowingthyself?

Open Your Mind!

  • What is it about the importance of nationality?
  • Are you a tree without roots?
  • Identity....Is the bottom line.

If you don't know your nationality, you don't know who you are and where you came from.
If you don't love your people, how can you inspire your people?
  • Is Black the best term way to interpret our nationality....have we really been reduced to just a color....does this define us?
  • Why do we summit to what labels are given to define who and what we are?
The fact is the more you know about your nationality the more you know about your people.
Our contributions, with knowing these thing we would be like a tree firmly planted in season.
If you don't know where you came from , you don't where your going.

Hotep...let's learn more about ourselves*

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