Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look At This Brother Here.. BARACK OBAMA*

It is my unique pleasure to showcase a real brother, dropping true knowledge*
After listening to the sister doing poetry at Obama Inauguration; I've read this poem that simply knocked my socks off!!!!

Look at this brother here! BARACK OBAMA! Not, look at this Nigga here, in disgrace or shame, But look... at this PROUD BLACK MAN here. Standing before a nation, that might not have Served him at a lunch counter at one time,Having to sit in the back of the bus. in disgust; Now, he is sitting in the most powerful seat in the nation!
Yeah, ...look at this brother here. As he looks out at a sea of rainbow faces of all hues, a tidal wave of hands Waving to and fro, in approval of his message of hope, and change. Perhaps.. they thought they would never see the day, as I That one Brotherman would receive his RIGHTFUL due,
To show the world that a Black man is more than just shucking and jiving. He is living his dream, And doing more than just surviving. Now is the time for change , is his marathon mantra; Maybe his skin, is not Black as a panthers, but Black enough today To say, WE have to make change all around admist chaos, within this nation, And throughout the world, peace will not come over night,But don't give up the fight, we will overcome someday, some how, some way. As a Gluttonous economic ogre even stops to burp, and listens to this brother We still have a long way to go, but we got to keep it moving. Because we still have many miles before we sleep. So I keep my third eye WIDE open, as some others weep in happiness,Today, history was made, today, tears rolled down my Grandmas face--Because she had to live in a segregated place, and now....

She and her generation feels a little vindicated for their sacrifice. And I can only do my part, as we all must do, he's just one man; America is a chameleon, I know this, but right now, I'm enjoying its color. I now it's color may change tomorrow, but it's color suffices for now And w/ all the vices that permanent this society, now an old worm metamorphizes Into a new being w/ a changed face of hope, to replace a pale white mule,
A New Black stallion rides on, my Brother ride on ,RIGHT ON!


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