Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dr. Barashango: Blacks in the Bible*

We wouldn't know anything about Kemet or Ethiopia truth's if he had not been for the Bible.
This was indeed the first introduction we had to it. The book can give us some history, Harriet tubman have found ways to use it, M.L.K. used it many have used the knowledge.

  • Lesson 1- The african origins of the bible.
Doc 1*- Who wrote the bible?-
The bible originated in ancient Egypt. Where the population where Aristole was...the jews received all of their agriculture knowledge. Our knowledge is apparently older than the hebrews.
  • Question? Where is Egypt? In Asia? In Africa?

We have been led to believe that Egypt isn't in Africa but Asia. Another distortion.

"Alkebilan"- is the oldest name known so far....and we owe this info to Dr. Ben and Marcus Garvey.

  • Africa is a latin term. given by the romans.
Let's deal with the right term for Egypt.
  • Khemet-Kemet--- is the original name for Egypt...but when the greeks began to transform our info...they couldn't decipher.
  • When you look at have "Chemistry" this one word has alot of power in it.
  • Most of all Egyptian gods and goddess were scientific symbols.......
  • Europeans couldn't properly decipher what it was all about.
  • They represented forces of nature.
  • Divine intelligence. Through every item their is an intelligence to represent it.
  • Which keeps the whole planet together.

Hieroglyphics- meaning "The Holy Writings* greek origins.

Ref: black man in denied.---destruction of black civilization.


Fonseca Andre said...

I love it. This is for me the real thing and deal.

Fonseca Andre said...

I love it. This is for me the real thing and deal.