Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Master Plan of the Universe*

Visions of the Sun Disk, arising upon an arc of wind swept desert.
The Great Hymn of Aten shows us Akhenaten poetic sway.
"Birds fly up to their nest, their wings extended in a praise of your Ka {spirit}.
Allowing Aten rays to shine. You rise in perfection on the horizon of the sky".

The Great Sphinx, a humble and silent guardian of the Giza, navigating the Stars.
It faces east, with his face shining slightly to catch the first rays of the rising sun.
The braided beard that once hung from the Sphinx , leaves traces of Kush, and Nubia and the Dream Stella. Nefertiti known to Thutmos as a Chef-D' Oeure, "The beautiful woman has come".
The decans constellations--- Master plan of the Universe unfolds.
The Great pyramids, Beauty of the Nile.
One of the greatest stories ever told.
Whenever, you hear of Mighty Egypt, know that this is true,
It stands for the "Black Land" and it's people looked like me and you.
Continue to keep your head up and search for the truth.
For your lineage goes far back many years, and beholds much Depth!
For many moons ago.... Invaders swooped Africa like a tidal wave.
Wrecking havock and distorting our history, while taking credit for everything that's African made. The precious treasures of our land are vital and preciously saved.
Let's continue on researching for truth of our origins.
Like a cartouche magically protecting the names of our ancestors and monuments.


Written: Spirit of Sankofa*

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